How to Buy

We are located in Piedmont, OK, just outside of Oklahoma City. We offer free delivery or on farm pick up.

We sell whole and half freezer beef shares, individual cuts and value packages. We also have farm fresh duck and chicken eggs available with on farm pick up for $4/dozen.

Our online sales platform is a work in progress so for now please contact us to order.

Scroll down to see our pricelist.

Custom processed beef shares  Share price  Processing feeEstimated cost (based on 600/300lb dressed weight)
Whole share$4.50/lb dressed weight$1.00/lb$3,300
Half share$4.75/lb dressed weight$1.00/lb$1,725

Final product weight and quantities are estimates and will vary from animal to animal depending on size and composition. Meat will be available approximately 14-21 days after processing, we provide free pickup/ delivery. Because availability at processors is highly limited, your animal may be processed at a custom exempt facility which will require you to pay the processor directly. Free pickup/ delivery will still be provided.
Sales tax will be added to final cost of beef.
Estimated yields per share 
Whole ShareHalf Share
Approximately 320-360lbs beefApproximately 160-180lbs beef

About 20% of your share will be steaks, 30% roasts/stew beef/variety cuts, and 50% ground beef.

Hamburger patties available upon request, add $0.50/lb processing fee for patties
Ribeye substitutions:
-One Prime Rib (bone in) or rib roast (bone out) per side. Half and whole only
T-bone substitutions:
-One of each Filet Mignon and Strip Steak per T-bone
-Strip steaks and whole tenderloin roast per side
Variety cuts on request
-Soup bones, oxtail, organ meats
Steaks and roasts cut to custom thickness/weights

The individual cut list below is the standard cuts you can receive. If you do not see a cut that you want on the list below, just ask! If there’s a cut on the list you don’t want, no problem! You can exclude it and get more ground beef/stew beef. Your share is custom processed to your specifications.

Never had a custom share processed before? We’ll be happy to walk you through it and answer any questions you have.
STEAKS ~8-16oz each 
Filet Mignon$25/lb
T-bone/ porterhouse$18/lb
Flat Iron$15/lb
Round (tenderized)$10/lb
Picanha (sirloin cap)$15/lb
ROASTS ~2-4 lbs each 
Prime Rib$20/lb
Brisket Whole$10/lb
Brisket Half$10/lb
Tri Tip$15/lb
STEW AND GROUND 1 lb packages 
Stew beef$8.50/lb
Ground beef$8.50/lb
Hamburger patties$9.50/lb
Soup Bones$6.00/lb
Short ribs$8.00/lb
Split marrow bones (4) $25/pkg
10 pounds Ground beef10x 1 lb packages$80 ($8.00/lb)
20 pounds Ground beef20x 1 lb packages$140 ($7.0/lb)
Mini package2 steaks (your choice), 1 roast (arm, rump or chuck), 1 free choice cut (stew beef, short ribs, oxtail, round steak, flank/skirt steak, fajita strips, jerky meat), 4 pounds ground beef or hamburger patties$100
Small package4 steaks (your choice), 2 roasts (arm, rump or chuck), 2 free choice cuts (stew beef, short ribs, oxtail, round steak, flank/skirt steak, fajita strips, jerky meat), 10 pounds ground beef or hamburger patties$210
Large package8 steaks (your choice), 4 roasts (arm, rump or chuck), 4 free choice cuts (stew beef, short ribs, oxtail, round steak, flank/skirt steak, fajita strips, jerky meat), 20 pounds ground beef or hamburger patties$420

*Sales tax added to final cost