French Dip Sandwiches

Whenever we make a crockpot roast with a delicious sauce, we ALWAYS make french dip sandwiches with the left overs. Any roast recipe we make, we double the amount of sauce to ensure we have enough leftover to dip our sandwiches in! Our favorite roasts to do this with are Mississippi Pot Roast and Balsamic Beef Roast.

Tip: it’s best to put the meat and jus in separate containers in the fridge so that you can easily remove the excess fat from the jus. An oily jus is rather unpleasant for a french dip.


  • Left over roast meat, shredded
  • Left over roast ju, fat removed
  • Sandwich roll bread of your preference – we like to use brioche hot dog buns, bolillo rolls or Vietnamese baguettes
  • Swiss cheese – we like to use gruyere because it melts really nicely


  • If you’ve put your roast meat and jus in separate containers, the excess fat in the jus should have solidified on the top of the liquid. You can remove this fat easily by scooping it out with a spoon. Put the sauce in a sauce pan and heat over medium until warmed. Shred the meat and heat in a pain until warm.
  • If you’ve put your roast meat and jus in the same container, heat both in a sauce pan until warm. Strain the meat out, reserving the jus, and shred the meat. If you have a fat separator, use this to remove the excess fat from the jus.
  • Turn the broiler on in your oven
  • Lay parchment paper over a baking tray
  • Lay your bread open faced on the tray and top with shredded meat, and then cheese
  • Broil directly under the broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbly
  • Close the sandwiches and separate the jus in to dipping bowls
  • Enjoy!

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