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Freezer Beef Shares

See below for information on purchasing a whole or half beef share for your freezer.

Contact us for availability.


A deposit is required to reserve your share. For half beef the deposit is $250, and $500 for a whole. This is applied towards the final price.

We will not have the final cost of your share until after harvesting. Beef shares are charged by the hanging weight. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the head, hide, hooves and organs are removed. The hanging weight of our beeves is usually around 600-700 lbs. Meat will be available approximately 14-21 days after processing. We provide free delivery or you can pick up directly from the processor.

Beef shares are customed processed and therefore are not returnable/ refundable. If you’ve never tried grass fed beef before, purchase a small, mini or large pack to sample and we’ll give you 10% off if you buy a half or whole share.
Custom processed beef shares  Share priceProcessing feeEstimated cost (based on 600/300lb dressed weight)
Whole share$4.50/lb hanging weight$1.00/lb$3,300
Half share$4.75/lb hanging weight$1.00/lb$1,725


Final product weight and quantities are estimates and will vary from animal to animal depending on size and composition. The yield is usually 55-60% of the hanging weight. The estimated weight of the final product and freezer space needed is listed below.
Estimated yields per share 
Whole ShareHalf Share
Approximately 320-360lbs beef
16 cubic feet freezer space
Approximately 160-180lbs beef
8 cubic feet of freezer space
About 20% of your share will be steaks, 30% roasts/stew beef/variety cuts, and 50% ground beef. Below is a list of the basic cuts offered by our processor, Homestead Meats and Processing in Guthrie. There are many different options and variations available so you are not limited to what is listed below! If you’ve never had a custom share processed before we’ll be happy to walk you through it and answer any questions you have.

*Steaks and roasts are cut to custom thickness/weights

-Filet Mignon
-Strip Steak
*the filet mignon and strip steaks are the steaks that compose the T-bone/porterhouse so you will have the option of filet mignon/strip steaks OR T-bones/porterhouse
-Sirloin tip

-Arm Roast
-Rump Roast
-Chuck Roast
-Tenderloin roast (replaces filet mignon)
-Bone in Prime Rib / Bone out Rib Roast (replaces ribeyes)

Variety cuts:
-Soup bones
-Short ribs
-Heart, Kidney, Tongue
-Stew beef
-Flank steak
-Skirt steak

Ground beef
-Typically 85% lean, 15% fat, a fantastic blend for most ground beef uses
-Hamburger patties available upon request, add $0.50/lb processing fee for patties

Suggested/ available write ins:
*these are write in options/special requests that we usually include for our retail cuts, or have had clients ask for in the past
-Split marrow bones (replaces soup bones)
-Hanging tender (aka “The Butcher’s Cut”)
-Tri tip
-Beef fat
-Fajita strips (will be cut from sirloin or flank/skirt)
-Jerkey slices
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