Big Daddy’s Man Sauce

When your meat needs extra heat, no need to fear, Big Daddy’s here!

Original Supernova Ranch recipes; made in Oklahoma.

Smokey Chipotle: This mildly spicy Smokey Chipotle hot sauce adds an explosion of flavor to beef, eggs and whatever else you want to put in your face hole. Slightly sweet, slightly smokey and slightly spicy. Perfect for everyone.

Angry Scorpion: The delicious flavor of original Smokey Chipotle, with an extra sting of spice from scorpion pepper. If you like it hot, this is your sauce.


Harvest Hub of Piedmont, Piedmont OK

Homestead Meats and Processing, Guthrie OK

Mollycoddled Hash Slinger, Oklahoma City OK

Bill Kamp’s Meat Market, Oklahoma City OK